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The Symbolic Korean port engineering enterprise KORPEC!!
Now, it has begun to expand its sphere of role toward
a ‘Global Port Engineering Consultant Corporation’.

For the technological development and enhancement of the quality,

Korea Port Engineering Corporation (KORPEC) started as a public corporation (100% share by KCTA) in 1994, being established as a subsidiary corporation to Korea Container Terminal Authority (KCTA).

According to Korean government policy to downsize the scope of public corporations, KORPEC was privatized in the year 2000 to reborn as a professional private corporation with the business scope of port design and supervision.

KORPEC has made a great contribution to the development of ports in Korea and to making the Republic of Korea as a maritime nation by carrying out various maritime projects during the past 15 years. Particularly, KORPEC lead port design and supervision over the construction works of ports Busan and Kwang Yang for Korean two major ports system.

Thereby to find itself as the representative Korean civil engineering service firm nominally and virtually.

With the vision of ‘Global Port/Logistics/and Consulting Group' KORPEC, and as a director of Consultations Body of Global Logistics Network Formulation Project (GLN) which is the governmental new growth-motive project, KORPEC has been carrying out the leadership in advancing to overseas port construction projects and logistics. Keeping the ‘Global CM/Consulting/Logistics' as the first priority of the management for exploring new business, KORPEC has advanced to such a worldly core of port construction markets as far East Asian sphere of area(China, Russia, North Korea), Middle East Sphere(Oman) and Africa(Cameroon) etc., and carried out the projects such as services of development planning, feasibility studies, design, consulting, etc,.

This corporation will make every effort to accomplish the motto of the ‘Global KORPEC!' by carrying out successfully overseas projects with strengthened abroad market development capability and continuous learning the most advanced technological know-how.

On this occasion, KORPEC as the future-oriented moral enterprise will go ahead to enjoy common prosperity with all the customers together by a tight management equipped with the most credible technological power and priority given to customers' satisfaction.

in June 2009

From the Chief Executive Officer, KORPEC